GOOD NEWS: Penrose at Johnny Brenda’s 5/21

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Penrose has been invited to play a set of our musical entertainment at the fine-sounding Johnny Brenda’s rock and roll venue. We’ve been invited to lend our support to the fine-sounding rock and roll group DEAD CONFEDERATE from Athens, Georgia. We’ve graciously accepted and now we humbly request your attendance for a loud and aggressive evening of rock and roll music. Order the worst whiskey you can and listen to the best music coming through town on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. See you there, friends.

Click the link for FACEBOOK event.

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CIRCE RELEASE Tonight at Midnight

TWO years later, we’re pleased to arrive at the eve before the official world-wide launch of CIRCE. Mind you that link will not respond favorably until the clock strikes 12.

A few notes, though. First, thank you to everyone who came and rocked the fuck out at our New York release show. Arlene’s was filled to capacity and it’s the biggest crowd they’ve had in there for a Penrose show ever. This really warms our hearts, as Arlene’s was the very first club we played in New York back in 2009. Many of the folks who attended on Friday night were there for that first show, and in a moment of pure sincerity, we could not be more grateful for such support.

SECOND, and we’ll go in chronological order here, as previously mentioned, tonight is the release of Circe. You can click the “music” tab above or go directly to to download the audio tracks and digital art, OR order the physical CD and get a free download anyway. At this time, we will be offering the audio for this record at a rather flexible pay-what-you-like rate. And we mean it. If you want to throw our tunes on your iPod/phone/mp3 player/computer/CD-R/walkman/whatever, we want you to be able to do that. Regardless of how much cash money you’re able to throw around. Of course we appreciate any “donations” anyone can throw our way, but in another moment of pure sincerity, we just want you sons of bitches to have this shit. THAT said, if you dig the tunes and have some extra change in your cupholder, we’ll gladly take it off your hands and put it towards keeping this stuff cheap and easy to access. AGAIN, that’s at midnight. Check it out.

Now if you’d be interested in a physical CD, we’ve got those going for a base price of $5. Those are also available for order on the bandcamp site. Just click “music” above or the link previously…linked.


This show is Saturday night. Hometown Philadelphia release party. Click the flyer to RSVP via Facebook. More importantly, though, be there. You won’t want to miss it. You’ll be so sad if you miss it. And we will be too. So we’ll see you there.

Again, we’ll have CDs there for the taking. This is going to be beautiful.

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AND NOW: Some photographs from the recording of Circe

As most of you know, we’ve spent the last calendar year writing and recording our upcoming record Circe. The legendary Bill Moriarty of Waking Studios took us in and tolerated our nonsense for the better part of twelve months. As you know, Bill has worked with some of the best names in music today, including our personal favorites and inspirations like Man Man, Dr. Dog, and tons more. Meet Bill. Love Bill.

Also working with Bill at Waking Studio is Joe Bisirri. Joe worked some serious magic with Dan and the guitars on the record, not to mention his exceptional willingness to sit down with us and jam out a song until it was better than whatever we started with. Meet Joe. Love Joe.

For my next trick, I will show you an assortment of behind-the-scenes images depicting just what went on during the making of this record. No commentary on my part will be necessary. Enjoy.

That’s all for now. We’ll continue with some looks into what’s been going on during our radio silence. See you all Friday at Arlene’s.

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And Then it Was Valentine’s Day

But not in the land of Circe. Circe is a world of regret, filth, and chance encounters with the devil herself. Accordingly, we are pleased to release to you a track from our brand new record. Feast your ears on Tango with Lucy. This is available for download at whichever price you choose, from free as the day you were born, to your own mortal soul. Whatever you like.

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And we’re back. It’s been a long time. Sorry we didn’t write. We were in a far away place. But now we’re back. And we brought something.

We’re pleased to finally announce that on February 26, 2013, at the stroke of midnight and not one fraction of a second off in either direction, we’ll be bestowing unto you and the world our second full length long play record: CIRCE

This record is the result of a number of extraordinarily talented musicians, artists, engineers, and friends coming together to help us craft a story that we believe could resonate with any one of you. And if the story doesn’t resonate, the fucking guitars do. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you much of the process of recording this record, from when we began to pen it, to when we first step foot in Bill Moriarty’s (Dr. Dog, Man Man) Waking Studio, to how our songs landed in the hands of Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, The Shins, JEFF the Brotherhood) at his Magic Garden Studio, all the way through to the shows we’ve played in anticipation of the release of this record, and finally how Austin-based artist and dear friend of the band Lauren Orscheln ended up painting this beautifully disturbing artwork on her porch yesterday.

Indeed it’s been a strange and interesting ride and it’s only right that it will become even more strange and definitely more interesting. We can’t bear to wait any longer to unveil what we’ve spent the better part of the past twelve months working on, but we must. Rest assured, though, over the next few weeks leading up to the releases in Philly and New York, we’ll be posting more art, photos, and god-willing we’ll share some of the actual tracks from the record with you. For starters, please see below. This track will serve as the introduction to the record, and to the rest of your life.

Speak soon.

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A Very Penrose Cinco de Mayo w/ @BITBYphilly & @TJKong

Hola hombres, welcome to May. As you know, we’ve done New Year’s Eve shows, we’ve done Thanksgiving eve shows, we’ve done Christmas Eve Eve shows, we’ve done Halloween shows, we’ve done Flag Day shows, and we’ll never do a St. Patrick’s day show. What we haven’t done yet though, is a Cinco De Mayo show. To remedy that, we’re going to kick you in the sombrero with TWO (2!) of them this Saturday. Please join us THIS SATURDAY for some serious Cinco de Mayo jams, food, and booze hosted by our new friends at BITBY and our old friends TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb.

Early in the evening, we’re going to get things started over at the BITBY party. There are a ton of excellent bands all night and we’re told there’ll be a whole Rio Grande‘s worth of beer and margaritas at your disposal. This is a special gig for us because we’re thrilled to help out the folks over at Little Berlin for their Kickstarter launch and fundraiser. The idea here is to raise funds for the cultivation of a community garden performance space to be known as “The FAIRGROUND” in Kensington. Check out more info HERE or click on the flyer above^
2430 Coral Street, Philadelphia PA 19125 – Penrose on at 7PM sharp!

Pero, hay mas. After the early evening jams in Kensington, we head to…whatever you call that neighborhood over at 12th and Callowhill for a big time shit show. I wish I knew how to say “shit show” in Spanish. Six years of Spanish classes, and no “shit show.” Anyway. Penrose & TJ KONG AND THE ATOMIC BOMB are back at it again at Underground Arts which you may remember from this past Halloween. To add some hot sauce to this recipe for disaster, Lily & The Parlour Tricks from New York are playing as well, along with a secret headliner. KONGO DE MAYOOOO!!! Muy bueno. Forgive me. More info HERE or click the flyer above^
1200 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia PA 19108 – 9PM! Also, BYOB if you’re sneaky enough..

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SHOW: Penrose & Cheers Elephant @ Fordham Spring Weekend

MORE GOOD NEWS: For the third year in a row, we’ll be up at our home away from home, our current and former place of employment, the hole in which we’ve thrown our weekends, weeknights, money, and dignity down: THE JOLLY TINKER. By no coincidence does this fall on the eve of Spring Weekend, home of dubious artist choices (present company excluded) and debaucherous behaviors. We feel this is an appropriate tradition to carry on and we will do so with a vengeance.

Joining us this year will be CHEERS ELEPHANT, a fantastically jangly psychadelic pop rock jam humdinger from Philly who will have you dancing out of your shoes. Peep this shit and we’ll see you there.

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SHOW: Penrose supports THE LAWSUITS album release 4/7/2012

Indeed it’s true, on April 7th, 2012 we’ll be performing at Milkboy Philly in support of The Lawsuits new EP Hot Love. If you haven’t heard any of their tunes, look those folks up on YouTube and educate your damn self. They’re excellent.

Hang on there friends, that’s not all. Also playing this show are The Levee Drivers who you know and love, just like we know and love them. We’ve played with them a couple times, and each time is absolutely an honor. This is a band whose record we listened to probably five thousand times while we were on tour last summer.

Still not done, bro. On the bill for this evening is MOUNTJOY. We’ve been playing shows with these guys literally since we started this band. These are good friends who make great music.


We will also be debuting some new songs here.

There are about six million reasons this show will be epic.

Click the flyer to RSVP to the event.

Milkboy Philly

Doors: 8:30
11th and Chestnut, Philadelphia PA

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DOWNLOAD: Live From Bleecker Street

A lot of what we talk about on here is show announcements. It’s us, asking you, to come to the show. It’s good. It’s important. We want you to come to the show. All of the shows. For instance, we want you to come to the show on Friday at World Cafe Live. But this post, this time…

This time we’re going to flip that around on you. We’re bringing the show to you. We hope that’s okay. See, we played in New York City on Saturday, and we think it’s pretty fuckin rad that by Tuesday you can hear all of the audio from that show no matter where you are in the world, in your ears. So we’ve cut it into tracks and thrown it up on our Bandcamp website for you to download at any price you wish, from $0.00 to one million dollars. Whatever you want.

It was a badass show and we played some new songs that will be on the album we’re recording this summer. Give it a listen. Take it home. Let it marinate. Let us know what think. We also played some covers. Below you’ll find our cover of Love is All by The Tallest Man on Earth.

See you Friday-

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SHOW: Penrose at The Bitter End, NYC 1/28/2012

Good morning. The start of the day. Ah Monday, the start of the week. January – the start of the year. And you were probably sitting there wondering, “Will Penrose ever play a show in New York this year?” Well bless your inquisitive heart; it’s so sweet of you to think of us.

And we have an answer for you: YES, and soon. January 28th, 2012 we’ll be busting out new songs and blazing through old ones on stage at The Bitter End, a fine fine venue on the south side of Manhattan in the west Village. This show is fortunately 18+ so all of our underage friends can come and visit with us.

So we’ll see you there, at 147 Bleecker Street, at about 9PM. Click on the image above to find a facebook event for all of your RSVP needs. All you’ll need is your ears and your livers. And in case you forgot, we’ve been in the kitchen slaving over a hot hot meal, and we’re going to call you home for supper real soon. Below is an appetizer. Until the 28th!

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