Hey all,

We've been kind of dormant on here for a bit, because we've been working on a few things behind the scenes. Want to hear about them? Of course you do!

Firstly, we're excited to announce that the Murphy boys are heading back into the studio at Silent Barn this weekend with Dara and Kegan of 1989 Recordings (you know, the wonderful folks who recorded our single that came out last month). We'll let you know more about what we're working on in the weeks to come. 

To kick off Memorial Day Weekend, we've got a show with our buds Faders (rumors are floating around about their NEW ALBUM *cough cough*) and Shivery Shakes at Arlene's Grocery on Friday, May 22. See below for details on that. FB EVENT HERE

And finally, we're happy to announce that we're heading up to Belgrade Lakes, Maine for the SEVENTH YEAR IN A ROW (holy hell) for the Caravan Music Festival. Caravan holds a pretty special place in our hearts, and the fact that it's been kicking for seven years without all of us getting arrested is effin' inspiring. Whew. FULL LINEUP HERE

That's all for now, we'll keep you up to date with show announcements and whatnot in the weeks to come. 

-d, p, and t


May 22 @ Arlene's Grocery w/ Faders & Shivery Shakes

July 31 @ Caravan Music Festival